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G&A Aces Int'l. specializes in placement of Slot Machines / Coin-op amusement devices for a successful Casino operation of Slot Machines and Video coin-op amusement devices

In contemplating the Social-Economic situation that many Governments face due to the expense limitations in most general budget, we are pleased to present to you a project that we believe you will find of considerable interest. This project aims to gain substantial economic value for designated country, as well as enhance Tourism in general. This will provide the Government of Concessionaire the opportunity to assist in addressing many of their urgent Social-Economic concerns, as well as to expand the general commerce of its country

We would like to propose to you an initial investment by G&A Aces Ltd., in operating equipment of various coin-op devices to start. Upon approval of this proposal with the Government of Concessionaire, G&A Aces Ltd. would be able to Import and operate such devices under legal licensing provided to G&A Aces Ltd. by the government of appointed Concessionaire.

In researching many Countries, we find that the Free Zone and the Capital City of most Central and South American countries will be of high economic benefit for this project. This project as well has the potential of increasing employment opportunities for the hard working citizens of Concessionaire.

We believe that projects like ours, that aim to increase tourism and general commerce, facilitate the attempts by governments to make most sectors of society productive and allow them to participate in their planned growth. The economic resources generated by a project like ours can make real programs of vital needs for the lowest social sectors of our nations.

Therefore, we consider this an appropriate time to offer the installation of coin operated machines, such as slot machines, lottery and video diversions of all types throughout the country of Concessionaire. In very specific places such as Touristic Areas, First Rate Hotels, International Airport etc. As well As various classes of Entertainment and Casinos. The reason for choosing these places is obviously for the fluency of people, where we will specifically aim the tourists and the interests they may have which would bring them to enjoy these types of activities. Therefore, in this way we are receiving from them for a better charitable works projection to benefit the people of the Concessionaire, without hurting those of low-income status, but making them enjoy the benefit and profit of these activities. G&A Ltd. always assures security in each establishment and assume the costs of such measures.


G&A Aces Ltd. will import and supply the Slot machines/coin-op amusement devices and equipment necessary for an excellent operation. Our company will handle the cost expenses also all the necessary items that will be needed for the perfect operation of the machines. In addition, all other forms of businesses we will introduce to Concessionaire. We would however assume this equipment to enter Concessionaire tax exempt, because the income generated with this equipment would support a Government named concessionaire and charitable organization.

Slot Machine Sales

G&A Aces Int'l can supply our customers with any pre owned slot machine. We Deal with many Major Casinos Nationwide. We have the ability to purchase any of their pre owned gaming machines. We have a large inventory which changes on a daily basis, please email or fax us with your request for Slot machines you are interested in, we will then contact you with appropriate information and prices. You can fax your requests to (773) 622-2766 or email to


Slot machines will be shipped to LEGAL jurisdictions only. Slot machines to the general public, our sales of slot machines are on wholesale only.
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