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Chicago, Ill 60634
Andrew Guzaldo
Anthony DeMarco

Chicago, IL 60634
8a. Calle 9-41, Zona 1
Guatemala, C.A.

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Cherry Master 19" Cabinet
Kit ready cabinet = $ 950.00
Include 1 13" Cabinet,
with 13" monitors and Wire harnes
Does NOT include Bill Acceptor, Board, button or bezel

Regular Cabinet
not ready cabinet = $ 260.00
Include 1 19" Cabinet,
with 19" monitors and Wire harnes

Leisure Bill Acceptor
All Bills Acceptors are checked with all different types of bill acceptors.
Bill Acceptor HSV 700 = $260.00 plus shipping
    This price does not include update chips. Price subject to change during the year.

All Monitors are checked by grade "A" technicians. Used or New.
13" Monitor
19" Monitor
25" Monitor

Counter Tab Cabinet
Kit ready cabinet = $470.00
Include 1 counter top cabinet, with monitor and wire harness.
Does NOT include Bill Acceptor, Board, buttons, or bezels.

Regular cabinet not kit Ready = $260.00 
Does NOT include Bill Acceptor, Board, buttons, or bezels, monitor

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      After three years of waiting, legalized video gambling in Illinois has finally begun going live at                                                      Illinois bars, restaurants, and other locations.
    The Sweepstakes Video Game, has been apporved in Illinois, as well as various businesses, fraternal organizations,   veterans’ halls and other locations, in the outlying Chicago Area
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